Eurocollection, a leading company in credit recovery in Rome and in the whole Lazio, operates by now in many italian regions offering the utmost in safety and reliability with regard to the handling and recovery of unsolved credits.
Every file is distributed , in a very short time, to our collectors of the different geographical areas who check the accuracy of data and then proceed with field collection.
The result of our job will be communicated on agreed times by means of e/c in case of collection, otherwise the contract/invoice holder will be provided of a detailed financial evaluation which is the prerequisite to decide for possible legal proceedings.


Our methods are apt to safeguard your corporate image.

We are at your disposal to have a trial period before proceeding with the signature of the engagment letter in order to allow both parts to have a safe and successful future. Eurocollection adheres to U.N.I.R.E.C., "Unione nazionale impresa recupero crediti "(i.e. The national union of credit recovery companies) and follow rules of the code of ethics imposed on all its members.

This represents a further guarantee with respect to the possession of honourableness and professionalism requirements verified by the company as well as with regard to privacy policy and credit recovery regulations imposed on all the companies of this type.



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Via Adolfo Ravà, 124 - 00142 - Roma
TEL:                       06 203801
FAX:                       06 20380232
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